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Greenhouse operations are critical. There is no room for downtime, especially when it comes to your operation, which is why we stock in-demand parts to keep your greenhouse running. You’ve invested in automation, and we’re invested in you.

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Speedmaster fan controller 20Amp F011201

Multifan controller for Priva EcoFans

Drive Belts 8MGT-640, 8MGT-720

Drive belts for Climatrol carts. 640 for 3m carts, 720 for 2m carts.

Battery 12V SRM-29

Battery for Climatrol carts

Battery Charger 24V IPS 24/8

Battery charger for Climatrol carts

Circuit Board CCSPWM1C

Circuit board PWM1C for Climatrol carts

Diode Mosfet IRFP2907

Mosfet diode with leads for Climatrol carts

Diode Set 7-133-0

Triple diode set for Climatrol carts

Direction Handle & Name plate LFS2-A4-350

Handle and name plate for direction switch on Climatrol carts. See also direction switch cam.

Foot Switch T-91-S

Foot switch for Climatrol carts

Potentiometer 5K RV4NAY

Potentiometer for Climatrol carts

Rectifier 40A 400V 40HFR40

Rectofier for Climatrol carts

Direction Switch Cam 3pos 25A LE2-25-3502

Direction switch for Climatrol carts. See also direction handle & name plate.

Transistor MJ11

Transistor with leads for Climatrol carts

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Hydraulic Fitting - Flow controller N200S

Flow controller for hydraulic control on Climatrol carts.

Solenoid - KS4 24VDC KS4

Solenoid valve for hydraulic control on Climatrol carts

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Brushes for cart motor 1088SP or 1087SP

Brushes for drive motor on Climatrol carts. Note which size required: 1088SP for 0.25HP motors or 1087SP for 0.3HP motors.

Drive Wheel Long or Short

Drive wheels for Climatrol carts. Two sizes. One long wheel and one short wheel fit together to make one complete set. Bearings included.

Spring for side shift wheel handle 24265

Spring for side shift wheels on Climatrol carts

Wheel for Side Shift 395

Red poly wheel with ball bearing for side shift on Climatrol carts.

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Battery Integro 3770896

Battery for Priva Integro computer

Computer Board Alarm Extension 3771260

Alarm extension board VP9540 for Priva computer

Computer Board Connections for pH Board 3770972

pH connection board VP9572-1 for Priva computer

Computer Board External Terminator 3770952

External terminator board VP9552 for Priva computer

Computer Board Internal Terminator 3770950

Internal terminator board VP9550 for Priva computer

Computer Board Meteo Interface 3770922

Metro interface board for Priva Integro computer

EC Interface in enclosure 3771051

EC interface box for Priva computer

EC/PH,Terminator & Power Supply 3770911

Terminator board VP9511-1 and power supply for EC/pH on Priva computers

EC/PH Interface Board 3779923

EC/pH interface board VP9523 for Priva computers

LCD Maximizer CM80100

LCD screen for Priva Maximizer computer

Meteo Interface 3771351

Metro interface board in enclosure for Priva computers

Mixing Valve Switch Box 3779018

Mixing valve switch box for Priva computers

I/O Network Repeater 3770951

I/O network repeater for Priva computers

pH Interface 3771056

pH interface board for Priva computers

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pH Buffer Solution pH4 or pH7

pH buffer solution available in pH4 or pH7

CO2 Calibration kit co2calkit

Calibration kit for various CO2 meters, includes regulator, hose and CO2 gas

CO2 Calibration Gas oppm or 900ppm

CO2 calibration gas available in 0ppm, 900ppm or 2600ppm

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Calibration Gas Pressure Regulator co2reg

CO2 calibration gas pressure regulator

Calibration Gas Hose hose

CO2 calibration gas hose (Y shaped) to be used with pressure regulator

CO2 Monitor co2mon

CO2 monitor

Filter Capsule for CO2 monitor S99000

Filter capsule for CO2 monitor

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pH Sensor Holder 3/4" PVC 3770857

3/4" PVC holder for pH sensor, also available with tee

pH Sensor Holder 3/4" PVC with Tee

3/4" PVC holder for pH sensor with tee

Aspirated Temperature Sensor 3779027

Aspirated temperature sensor for Priva computers

Aspirated Temperature and Humidity Sensor 3779024

Aspirated temperature and humidity sensor for Priva computers

EC Sensor 55cm 3779045

EC sensor with 3K and 1K ohm thermistor for Priva computers

Hot Water Temperature Sensor 3779013 or 3779012

Hot water temperature sensor for Priva computers, available in 80mm or 150mm

Linear Light Sensor 3779205

Linear light sensor for Priva computers

pH Sensor 3779046

pH sensor for high or low pressure systems

Rain Detection Sensor 3779206

Rain detection sensor for Priva computers

Soil Moisture Sensor 40562

Soil moisture sensor

Soil Temperature Sensor 3779016

Soil temperature sensor for Priva computers

Temperature Sensor for EC Sensor 3476066

Temperature sensor (thermistor) for EC sensor for Priva computers

Thermistor for Temperature & Humidity Sensor 3770882

Thermistor of aspirated temperature and humidity sensor for Priva computers (2 required for each sensor)

Drain Tray Unit 1K 3779224

Drain tray catch basin unit for Priva computers

Wind Direction Sensor 3779215

Wind direction sensor for Priva computers

Wind Speed Sensor 3779203

Wind speed sensor for Priva computers

Wind Speed Cup Assembly 3659240

Cup assembly for wind speed sensor for Priva computers

Spoon for Drain Sensor 3476080

Spoon for drain tray catch basin

Reed Switch for Drain Sensor (flat) 3651100

Reed switch for drain tray catch basin, flat style

Reed Switch for Drain Sensor (round) 3651101

Reed switch for drain tray catch basin, round style

Drain Tray Replacement EC Sensor 3779226

Drain tray catch basin sensor only

Drain spoon assembly 3476081

Drain spoon assembly for drain tray catch basin

T & H Fan Motor 3659034

Fan motor for aspirated temperature and humdity sensor

Wick S042950 or AQ010

Wick for temperature and humdity sensors, packages of 10 available in black or white

Wick roll 150m S042960

Roll of black wick for temperature and humidity sensors

Wick Agent AQ040

Aquanex wicking agent for temperature and humidity sensors

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Potentiometer 1K 10 Turn 3540S-1-102L

Potentiometer for vent control

Potentiometer 3770885 or 3770886

Potentiometer for vent control by Priva computers, available in small diameter SR60 and large diameter SR90

Vent Arm S062150 or S062160

Vent arms to work with potentiometer for Priva computers, available in 20cm or 40cm lengths

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Roller Nylon 116 000 243

Nylon roller 8mm for the flipper block on a Greefa MSE

Photo Eye Sensor 6020977

Photo eye sensors and reflectors for grading lines

Tape, nonslip and reflective tape

Tape for the grading lines, nonslip or reflective

Alligator Clip Belt Lacing 348 701 002

Alligator clip belt lacing in 12" strips

Locking Cap 328 160 205

Locking cap 5mm for flipper block on the Greefa MSE

Circlips 328 162 006

Circlips for Greefa grading lines, available in 6mm or 15mm

Cup with slight shaft 116 000 323 or 116 000 881

Cup for Greefa MSE, also available as weighted cup

Cup Pins 110 152 165

Cup pins for Greefa MSE

Flaps 116 000 078

Flaps for Greefa MSE

Guiding Strip 116 000 248

Grey PVC guiding strip for Greefa MSE

Knife nylon 116 000 305

Nylon knife for Greefa MSE

Shaft - rod only 116 401 222 or 116 601 220

Shaft for Greefa MSE, available for 4 lane or 6 lane

Pre Whipper Block 116 000 308

Prewhipper block, triangular part before white knife for Greefa MSE

Whipper Block 121 030 065

Whipper block for Greefa MSE

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Filter Finger 61S

Small finger filter

Filter 3/4 34-080

3/4" filter with 80mesh

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Agitator Motor 25020

Motor for Climatrol agitator

Pump TE3 581

Little Giant pump TE3 110V

Pump TE4 582

Little Giant pump TE4

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Lamps 303 200 053

Camera lamps 50W 12V 60SR for Greefa MSE

Lamp Socket 303 200 135

Lamp socket for Greefa MSE

Load Cell & Amplifier 280 600 807

Load cell 10Kg and amplifier for Greefa MSE

Load Cell 303 140 212

Load cell 10Kg for Greefa MSE

Load Cell Circuit Board 303 340 337

PCB for load cell on Greefa MSE

Proximity Switch 303 040 112

Proximity switch NS1 for Greefa MSE

Whipper Solenoids 303 020 507

Whipper solenoid for Greefa MSE

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